Ran Lin, Xi Lin, Liyan Song ,Huiyou Xu et.al. Concise and Gram-Scale Total Synthesis of Lansiumamides A and B and Alatamide[J] Molecules,2019

  发布时间: 2019-11-04   信息员:   


The total synthesis of potent anti-obesity lansiumamide B was accomplished in four steps using commercially available materials. The synthetic strategy, featured with copper-catalyzed.Buchwald coupling, is concise, convergent, practical and can be carried out on a one-gram scale.This approach could give either Z- or E-configured enamide moiety in natural products with absolute stereocontrol and was applied in the total synthesis of natural products.

Keywords: total synthesis; lansiumamide; alatamide; copper-catalyzed buchwald coupling



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